This Site is an experimental Portfolio created to demonstrate the capabilities of CSS. The challenge, was to create an interactive and fully functional Portfolio without a single line of JS. I want to point out that this was made just for fun and this is not the right way to create websites.

Even though all the content was created by me, this is not a real Portfolio, the content is just for demonstrating purposes and that's the reason there is no actual meaning or specific consistency to it. It could be Lorem Ipsum, it is nonsense poetic stuff instead.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


The Creator

Hmm... My Name is Pavlos Chrisochoidis, I suck at this but I'll try...

I am Web Developer from Greece and although I earn my bread through Web Development, I don't consider myself a Professional, actually I don't consider myself a Professional in any field, instead, I am an amateur in many, I code, I paint,I read, I write and I cook (not always in that order and never all together...).

I got in Web Development some years ago (like... 4 I think?), and since my studies in College had nothing to do with the web, I had to learn it all by myself, the first thing I learned is that www stands for Work-Work-Work ( second was "Can't Style Shit" ) * Third was "Never Stop Telling Stupid Jokes".

The Project

Using CSS to mimic things that were only possible with Javascript, such as tabs, clickable drop-down menus etc, was always a challenge. In this Project, I tried gather all this 'tricks' I've learned or manifested, to create this simple Portfolio. Not actually a portfolio but anyway...

Despite the fact that I used no Javascript at all, there is a lot of PHP behind this, mostly for repetitive tasks, weird calculations and brain-damaging 2d and 3d transforms. I don't know if it could be possible without PHP. I also used SASS ( for the first time in my life ) which also helped a lot, but I ended up with those HUGE selectors. I didn't use any media queries and I don't plan to because the design sucks and I don't think it could fit in a very small screen.

The Design is mine, I know I'm not so good at it but I tried my best to keep it as simple and minimal as I could. The Drawings are also mine, they are details from bigger drawings actually. I also wrote the little surreal descriptions which, as I said before, they are there just to fill the space.

I hope you Liked it and I'll be very glad if you spare some time to send me your impressions via the Contact Form.

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